This Social Media Package is designed for Promoters of Live Events.

In our experience the social media activity around an event should start at least three months prior to the event for it to be effective and measurable.

The objective of this package is to Raise Awareness of the event amongst a target audience. We can talk to your audience before during and after the event if required. 

Each social media network is listed below, with details about what is included on a regular basis. We’re very flexible with what’s included in our social media packages, so if you’d like more of some things and less of others let us know and we’ll adjust as necessary. Regular reporting of our progress is included with all social media work. On a monthly basis, we’ll provide a comprehensive report that includes:

Updated counts of likes, follows, etc. on each social channel

Most popular tweets, status updates, etc.
Notable interactions from reporters, large brands, bloggers, etc.

​Changes in your level of influence amongst your social networks (Klout)

Create and Brand Facebook Page

Unique Posts - We will post 1-2 times on your Facebook page, on average, every day. These posts will be a combination of custom graphics, calls to action to visit the event website/tickets sales website. 

Interacting with Other Pages -To help catch the eye of complimentary events. This will lead to more sharing of event details and status updates and introduce people to your event. We’ll interact with other pages on a daily basis.

Creating Custom Images - Images get shared more than anything else on Facebook, so it’s important that images posted to the Event Facebook page include branding.

Create and Brand Twitter Page

Daily Tweets - An average of 2-4 tweets a day is a good foundation to tweeting for most events. These tweets will happen when your followers are paying attention and will revolve around related topics / events  that they’re interested in. We will use these tweets to build traffic to your website or landing page.

Generating a Following - We can target people by who they’re following, what they’re tweeting about, where they’re located and what’s in their profile. Unlike Facebook, you don’t have to spend money in order to target your audience - we have a variety of tools that let us do that without spending additional money.

Conversational Interaction. Nobody’s going to retweet you if you don’t retweet/engage with them, especially if you’re just pushing out links. So we will work with you to encourage more conversational tweets that will help you to engage with your followers.

Keyword Monitoring- We’ll use HootSuite and other Tracking tools to monitor for people talking about particular topics that’s we agree with you. We then send you an email so you can start interactions and build a relationship with them.

Testimonials, Videos and Competitions

We can work with you to gather testimonials and existing video content to create content that we can post.

We will organise a monthly competition amongst your social media community with a prize of free tickets to the event.

Images - We will only use images that the company has the rights to use. They will be stock photos, custom creations and photos that you provide us with, unless they are shared promoting another article.

Sizing - We will make sure that we’re always using the optimal sizes of photos for each channel.

​​Monthly Fee for the above service is £350.00 plus VAT
No Contract - End Service at anytime - Satisfaction Guaranteed!


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